The Ceylon cinnamon sticks grades 

The Ceylon cinnamon sticks are graded by the diameter of the sticks (the smaller the diameter high the grade). ALBA, C-5 Special, and C-5 consider as high the grade.
The sticks with smoother "skins” and more no of layers in the given diameter have a higher value.

In our facility, the good skins sticks offer as “Select” grade.
For example, we sell C-5 grade as two grades C-5 (regular skins) and C-5 Select (smooth Skins)

Unfortunately, the grading system is not a measurement of the taste or/and aroma, and it is only based on appearance. Therefore, it is misleading the consumers, and end up with pay more for the higher grades.

The higher grades such as ALBA, C-5 Special, and C-5 can produce by highly skilled workers, and it is time-consuming so, they are relatively expensive.
Also, they use especially ALBA, C-5 Special relatively less mature barks so, they may be less the taste or/and aroma than other grades.

The lower grades such as C-4,M-5, and M-4 under (ingredient grades) are relatively less attractive and have relatively darker rough "skins"/barks than higher grades. Also, their barks are relatively mature and thicker than higher grades.

ALBA and C-5 Special produced less percentage in organic farming due to the slow and irregular growing pattern of the cinnamon trees. Due to this reason, their barks are rougher with better taste or/and aroma than conventional (non-organic) sticks.

The color of the pure Ceylon Cinnamon bark is Reddish-brown, and its color intensity is depending on mutuality.
However, a very intensive yellowish color can be gotten by heavy sulfur dioxide fumigation.

All in all, it is more economical to purchase C-4,M-5, M-4 or under (ingredient grades) for personal such as tea or cooking.
To get an idea, please refer to the pictures.
Note: Pictures' colors may differ from the actual products.