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Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa leaf powder is one of the best ways to enhance the nutritional value of any meal or drink. However, nutritional benefits may be lost when you add Moringa powder directly into hot meals or drinks. There are many recipes that use Moringa such as drumstick curry, and Moringa leaf-rice porridge. To protect the nutrient value and its freshness, our moringa powder is produced under very specific conditions and temperatures, to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.

To enhance the nutritional value of juices or smoothies:

Mix Moringa leaf powder to your juice or smoothie. Honey works well to sweeten the beverage. To prevent altering the taste of the juice, just a half teaspoon of Moringa powder per glass is recommended.

To enhance the nutritional value of salads:

Sprinkle your Moringa leaf powder over salad. You may use a salt and pepper shaker for convenience.

To enhance the nutritional value of any cooked meal:

Sprinkle Moringa powder over the any cooked food such as meats, fish, fried eggs etc., just before serving using a salt and pepper shaker for convenience. To protect the nutritional value of Moringa powder, do not add directly to the meal when hot.

Moringa rice porridge

Add 2 cup of water into 5-6 tablespoons of cooked or leftover rice and boil. Wait for couple of minutes, then add Moringa leaf powder when it is warm. You may add a very little amount of salt, or coconut/regular sugar to make it tastier.
As stated, adding the powder into a hot meal or drink will lessen some of the nutritional value of Moringa.
Note: You may not like the natural taste of the Moringa, but it is one of the best natural nutritional supplements and has been called a SUPER FOOD.